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BMus (First-Class Honours), AMusA (Distinction), PhD Student, University Lecturer

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Young Beginner Group Class

Group classes are complimentary and are held once a term, allowing students to share their achievements with their classmates and feel like they are part of a bigger musical community. 

Roya's Piano


This studio offers quality piano, theory and composition lessons to students of all ages (3+) and abilities. 

Location: Googong, NSW

Hours: 7am-8pm Weekdays & 9am-5pm Saturdays

Teaching Style and Philosophy
Lessons & Fees
Term Dates
Studio Policies

Teaching Style & Philosophy

Roya is currently undertaking her PhD in music and has a Bachelor of Music with First-Class Honours from the Australian National University. She began her musical studies with the Suzuki Classical Piano Method which emphasises healthy piano technique through repetition and the development of aural (listening) skills. Through this method, she successfully completed her Grade 8 Australian Music Examinations Board (AMEB) exam at the age of 12 and earned her Associate Music Diploma (AMusA) with distinction at the age of 15.

Enriched by her experiences as a university music theory lecturer, Roya's teaching style combines the fast-paced Suzuki aural approach with music theory and history, ensuring a comprehensive musical education from the outset. Students develop excellent listening, memory, critical-thinking and pattern recognition skills through aural, theory and reading exercises. Additionally, they learn about different composers, styles (e.g., pop, jazz, traditional music from different cultures, etc.) and musical periods whilst following the AMEB curriculum. As an intercultural composer who convened the Music and Globalisation course at the Australian National University, Roya recognises the importance of exposing students to a diversity of musical traditions in multicultural Australia.

Central to her teaching philosophy is nurturing a student’s intrinsic motivation for studying music. Fostering this motivation is crucial for long-term success and instills a passion for learning. With over seven years of experience as a music teacher, Roya understands that while some students are motivated by AMEB exams and concerts, others find joy in learning specific pieces, composing music or playing music with friends. Her piano lessons include one group class per term, allowing students to share their achievements and learn together. Parental involvement, especially for younger students, is encouraged for consistent support. The goal is to create a community where students inspire and motivate each other throughout their musical journey, promoting a lifelong love for music.


Lessons & Fees

Music lessons follow the NSW school term dates.  The studio offers the following classes:​

  • Private Music Lessons (30-min, 45-min or 60-min)

    • Weekly personalised piano, composition, theory/aural lessons for kids and adults

    • Prices start at $48 per lesson

    • All lessons include:

      • free 60-minute group class per term

      • Additional materials to supplement the method books and AMEB syllabus

      • Term reports and weekly class summaries for students under 18 

      • Term newsletters

      • Yearly concerts, masterclasses and studio competitions


  • Group Music Lessons- Enquire now!

    • Group piano lessons for beginners (only available for certain age groups)

    • Group theory/aural skills lessons 

    • Group AMEB exam workshops​​​


Term Dates

Term 1: 29 January to 13 April

Term 2: 29 April to 6 July

Term 3: 22 July to 28 September

Term 4: 14 October to 21 December


Studio Policies 2024

  1. Payment for tuition is to be made for the full term in advance and must be made before the first lesson. This is to reserve the student’s lesson time/day for that term.

  2. Following the commencement of term lessons, no refunds will be made if a student discontinues. 

  3. Fees cannot be transferred from one term to another. 

  4. Make-up lessons or payment credits will not be offered for cancelled or missed lessons. However, if a student is sick, an alternative Zoom/Skype lesson may be coordinated, contingent upon the student providing sufficient notice (at least an hour before their lesson time).

  5. A student’s lesson time/day cannot be guaranteed for subsequent terms unless payment is made in advance. Priority will be given to current students and students who demonstrate diligence and a passion for learning music. 

Valid Working With Children Check (NSW)

Valid Working With Vulnerable People Check (ACT)


Googong, NSW

Book an Initial Consultation/Interview

The free initial consultation/interview is an opportunity for you to ask me any questions before proceeding with formal music lessons. It is also an opportunity for me to assess you or your child's musical abilities so that I can create high quality, individually tailored music lessons. Come prepared to learn and play!


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