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Monique Butselaar

" Whether you are young or a mature-aged student, whether you prefer classical music or popular music, Roya understands that every student is different and she is able to make and keep the learning process interesting and fun, tailored to everyone's specific needs. I am a mature-aged student and Roya has been able to teach me what others hadn't been able to previously. She is always friendly, patient, enthusiastic, creative and encouraging. If I get stuck on something, Roya will try a different approach. At times, she has even composed a musical exercise, tailored to overcoming my specific problem that I got held back by.  I have seen her work with children and other mature-aged students and she's absolutely fabulous. If you are looking for a piano teacher for your child or for yourself, give Roya a go. I can highly recommend Roya's tailor-made teaching. "

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